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How Hosting Makes the Internet Possible


We live in an age where just about everybody uses the Internet, but very few actually understand how or why it works. Sure, most people understand how to open a browser and navigate to a website of their choice, but how the information actually travels from where it’s stored to a particular personal computer is a mystery. If you’re trying to educate yourself about how the Internet works, a great place to start is with hosting. Services like Hivelocity hosting play an important role in making the Internet work.


The first part of hosting is storage. Each host server must have a hard drive where websites and other types of documents are stored. When you type in the URL (the web address) of a particular website, the information makes its way from the host hard drive to your own computer.


Along with storage, a server also controls access to content. A server is not much different than your own computer, except that it is fine tuned to receive and handle requests. When you type in a URL, you are actually sending a GET request to a server. In response, the server sends your computer all of the data needed to display the website.


The other major difference between a regular computer and a server is the form. Personal computers are designed to sit on or beneath a desk, and to be attached to a keyboard, mouse, and monitor at all times. A server, on the other hand, is usually designed as a standalone device and in a way that makes it easy to stack and store along with many other servers in a server room or closet.

The Big Picture

The Internet can be said to have three parts: a sender, a receiver, and a method of carrying data between the two. A typical Internet browsing session starts with the typing of a URL on your personal computer, and that computer becomes the sender. That URL is translated into an IP address; similar to a house address, your IP address helps with locating and navigating to your destination. After being redirected through several relays, your message should finally arrive at the host server, the receiver. If that request is accepted, the server then becomes the sender as it relays back the data you need to view the website. There are many more details about this process, but you should now have a general idea of how the Internet works and how Hivelocity hosting is an integral part it.

Disclosure: This post was contributed by one of our partners. All opinions are 100% my own.

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Services You Will Find at a Day Spa


At a website like seasonssalonanddayspa.com, you will find information on all of the services a particular day spa provides. You will also find contact information for them as well as have the opportunity to book your appointments online. Once on the website, you can click on links that will take you to other sites to learn more about specific services they are offering in detail. At a day spa, you can expect to find bodywork, salon, and fitness offerings.


If it is bodywork you are in need of, you will find massage therapists that are skilled at finding the areas of your body that are tense and painful, and then doing what is necessary to release all that tension. You should be able to leave your appointment feeling much better than when you walked in. Making regular monthly massage appointments will help keep your body free of those knots that cause pain and discomfort and will be something to look forward to each month.


Salon services can include men’s haircuts, women’s haircuts, and child haircuts. You can have your hair shampooed and blown dry as well. For special occasions like weddings, proms, and other events, they can put curls in your hair, create a beautiful up style, and pull in a hair artist to finish the look off you want. If you like feathers in your hair or need hair extensions done, this is the type of place to do it. Colors that are permanent and semi-permanent are also a service they can provide. Eyelash extensions are usually available if you want more eyelashes. If you want less hair, they also can provide waxing for the face and the body. Permanent makeup can save you a lot of time in front of the mirror, and they can do that too. Don’t forget that pedicures and manicures available as well.


Fitness is important to create a beautiful and healthy body inside and out. You can find out when classes are being held when you access a day spa website like seasonsalonanddayspa.com, and get your health and fitness goals up and running. A day spa is truly a place for you to get all of your beauty needs taken care of. When you leave, you will leave feeling pampered, refreshed, recharged.

Disclosure: This post was contributed by one of our partners. All opinions are 100% my own.

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World Wide Relationships Can Get You What You Want


If you have ever experienced the concierge services in a fine hotel, you know that they seem to be able to work magic. They do this through their connections with other people. The good ones will even contact the concierge departments in other hotels to make sure that something happens. It is all about networking. Wouldn’t it be awesome if there was a way to have a global concierge service at your fingertips?

Famous Concierge Scene

Perhaps the most famous scene in the movies concerning what a concierge can accomplish comes from Pretty Woman. In that movie, Julia Roberts’ character is giving a ton of money to get a better wardrobe so that she can hang with the rich guy played by Richard Gere. She takes the money and goes down Rodeo Drive where she gets kicked out of a boutique because of the clothes that she is wearing. This act of snobbery won’t go unpunished as Roberts goes back to the hotel and cries about her situation to the guy that runs the concierge. He makes a couple of calls, Roberts gets a whole new wardrobe and returns to the snobby shop to rub their noses in it.


None of that would have been possible if the concierge hadn’t had a relationship with the person who owned the shop. He was able to smooth the path for Roberts and get her what she needed. They do the same thing in real life. Old Key West at Walt Disney World set up a gazebo for a soldier who was on leave. That Gazebo was the site of a wedding proposal. He could have proposed someplace else, but it was the effort of the concierge that made the gazebo just the right place.

The Internet

The Internet, and more specifically, the World Wide Web are all about connections. With the right global concierge service, you can get your needs met all over the world. Because people are no longer relegated to being able to help in only one place as networks grow across the planet. You can get those scarce tickets and great service.

Disclosure: This post was contributed by one of our partners. All opinions are 100% my own.

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